The Vision of True Art

The Vision of True Art

Three Dimensional arts (3D Drawing)

Three Dimensional arts (3D Drawing)

3D Drawing, as the name itself suggests is any art form that can be measured in three dimension i.e. its height, width and depth.

  • Height – measurement from base to top ,i.e. tallness
  • Width – measurement from side to side , i.e. the breadth and
  • Depth - the deepness from surface to the bottom.
3D Drawing - Dimensions
3D Drawing - Dimensions

In this blog, we will talk about various 3D drawing and art forms and techniques behind making them, but before this to understand three dimensional arts and 3D drawing profoundly; we must understand ‘The Elements of Art’, beforehand.


There are seven forming elements of art which acts as the building material of any artwork, of any nature or category, namely:

Line – a long or narrow mark formed with any instrument like pen, pencil, paint brush, ink, etc is a line. This is the most important variable in any 3D drawing.

Shape –any outline that forms the figure of the artwork, whether geometric or organic.

Color - the shade, tinge or tone possessed by any object that creates a sensation in the eye due to     reflection of light.

Form – The visible structure, construction or arrangement of the art that forms its dimensions (height, breadth and depth in 3d drawing).

Texture - consistency of the surface (smooth or rough).

Volume- capacity, space or size offered by the material for the purpose of art and finally,

Value – the relative degree of the lightness or darkness of a particular color in a 3D drawing.

3D drawing.
3D drawing.
3D drawing.
3D drawing - color shades

After, understanding about the definition of three dimensional arts and the ‘Elements of Art’ which forms the base of it, let’s now discuss the Types of 3d drawing.

A fun 3D Drawing Tutorial:


Types of 3D drawing  are:

  • Sculptures – through Carvings , Casting and Modeling.
  • Weaving
  • Installations
  • Stage settings
  • Mosaics
  • Etching
  • Woodcut art
  • Engraving
  • 3D drawing Street art
  • Product designs

Let’s now discuss each of them in detail:

  1. SCULPTURES - Sculptures are simply, the art forms in 3D drawing that are made either by carving stones and wood or by casting metal and plaster or modeling of clay or shaping of other materials.

Carvings - Sculptures of stone and wood are being practiced since ancient times in history, especially by carvings. Hence, carvings  refers to making designs on materials by scraping the unrequited ones , using tools like hammer .The most common type of Sculpture carvings , worked since ages are:

  • Stone carvings
  • Wood carvings
  • Hobo nickel
3D Drawing- Stone carvings Wood carvings Hobo nickel
3D drawing - Hobo Nikel
3D Drawing- Stone carvings
3D Drawing- Stone carvings
  • Modeling- Sculpting 3D drawing , through clay and wax by first melting them and reshaping them into required sculpture shape, before cooling down back into solid materials. By this method, very less material is left scraped and corrections can be made very easily, as compared to carvings.
3D drawing - Modelling
3D drawing - Modelling
3D drawing - Modelling
3D drawing - Modelling
  • Casting – Melting metals and molding them by pouring into preformed shapes and stencils is called casting. It is generally done through plaster, metals like gold, resin (a sticky substance which is insoluble in water, grabbed from some specific plants and trees) and rubber.
3D drawing - carvings
3D drawing - castings


The various Traditional types of 3D drawing sculptures are:

  • Statutes - a large carved or casted figure usually formed of stone, metal, wood, wax or plastic material, representing a human or an animal.

        Best example of statutes is - THE STATUE OF LIBERTY, LIBERTY ISLAND, NEW YORK CITY.

  • Reliefs – carving a picture on any wall surface – are of three types i.e. low reliefs, high reliefs and sunken reliefs.

- Low relief is when the sculptures are only slightly up the surface.

- High relief is when the sculpture is at least half up the thickness of its surface and

- Sunken relief is when the sculpture is sunk inside the surface.

3D drawing - high relief
3D drawing - High Reliefs
  • Architectural sculptures – involving 3D drawing in sculptures in the design or formation of any building is referred to as architectural structures. Since ancient times, it has been an integral part of almost all cultures, around the world. The best examples of this art can be witnessed in Ancient Egyptian architectures like Luxor Obelisk in Paris , France (was originally located in Egypt).
  • Cult images – Cult Images in 3D drawing symbolize religion as its main essence and mainly focus on sculptures of Idols for the purpose of worshiping. These are very famous art in cultures like Egyptian, Jainism, Christianity and Shinto.
3D drawing - cult image
3D drawing - cult image
  • Pottery – small carvings made on pots, of clay is a very beautiful and ancient practice, especially in Rome and China.
  • Jewelry Sculpture or Wire Sculpture- making 3D drawing as sculpted jewelry, especially neckpieces with wires, beads, stones, metals like gold, silver and copper etc with the use of pliers, wire cutters, pin vises and mandrels.
  • Beautiful Ring Sculpture
    Beautiful Ring Sculpture

While, the Contemporary forms of Sculptures are;

  • Light Sculptures or Light art - Sculptures emitting light themselves or mediums like colored LEDs is a very famous contemporary art in urban public areas. The best example of it can be found in The Centre of International Light Area in Unna, Germany, as the world’s only museum dedicated towards light art.
  • Sound Sculptures - any type of object that emits sound , when anything is hit to it, forms the science behind this art form.These days ,there are various sound sculptures kept in public places for amusement of people.
  • Environmental sculptures – 3D drawing sculptures generally used to beautify the environment or the surroundings.
3D drawing - Sound sculpture
3D drawing - Sound sculpture
3D drawing - Environmental sculpture
3D drawing - Environmental sculpture


  • Street art sculptures or Guerrilla Sculptures – Putting sculptures on the streets, either to exhibit artist’s emotions or to grab public’s attention over the message the sculpture is meant to spread for.
3D drawing
3D drawing Sculpture - Shanghai , China
  • Land art – Land art, environmental art or Earthworks is the art using natural materials, without moderations like rocks, vegetation, soil, water, etc to make an artistically beautiful piece. It was founded in 1960s and 1970s in Britain and United States and now is practiced world widely.

             click here to see beautiful land art images.

  • Kinetic sculptures- As the name suggests, 3D drawing kinetic sculptures means making art works that practically moves or works on the basis of kinetic energy, produced either artificially or sometimes even naturally. Kinetic art is rooted from 19th century artists like Claude Monet, Max Bill, Edgar Degas and Edouard Manet who actually experimented their works to move.

With more Technological advancements, virtually moving art pieces at different angles has become very  popular these days.


3D drawing
3D drawing - Kinetic Sculpture


  • Site-specific art – beautifying a certain site, according to a particular theme.
  • Garden Sculptures- Putting garden statutes or sculptures, made up of metal, wood, glass, clay or plaster is a very common practice, done by artists both for private gardens as well as public gardens. It is a type of landscape art, which beautifies the gardens. The best example of 3D drawing Garden sculpture can be seen in India- The Rock Garden, Chandigarh and The Garden of Five senses, New Delhi.
3D drawing
3D drawing - Site specific art
3D drawing
3D drawing - The Rock Garden , India
  1. WEAVING- Three dimensional arts weaving, makes itself a part of textile art. as we all know are aware of the term Weaving –i.e. forming a fabric item by interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them or making a complex story or pattern, from a number of interconnected element., lets now discuss the types of most commonly practiced 3D Drawing Weaving:
  • Soumak Weaving – It’s a textile art where wrap threads are completely hidden ,unlike cloth weaving where they are easily visible, used for making decorative material like bags , purses , dining covers, wall hangings , carpets , pillow covers and other household purpose.It can be easily performed at home either by weaving or braiding (forming a thick chain like structure) the weaving threads together, using any desirable colors and performing any pattern or design wished for. It just requires a wooden frame, some colored threads, small nails and weaving needles for DIY purposes.  Crochet weaving is a very famous example of this art form.
3D drawing
  • Embroidery – Embroidery is a very beautiful art, performed especially in countries like India, with help of needles, pearls, beads, yarn or threads i.e. the weaving material and thin metal wires.It is one of the most common and favorite time pass for creative souls (especially in Islamic culture), which can be further classified as Hardanger embroidery, white work embroidery, black work embroidery, canvas work, cutwork, etc. Embroidery does not only beautify the cloth or any object but also enhances and exhibits the creativity of the artist, which sometimes due to the high quality of the artwork, becomes very expensive to purchase.

        click here to see best embroidery designs.

  • Carbon fiber weaving- Carbon fiber 3D drawing weaving has become a very important part of automation industry due to its strength and high resistance, used in various accessories of your vehicle (especially in the shape of a honey comb) and other purposes like making harnesses , watches , speak

    ers and mobile covers (and other luxury items).

  • Furniture weaving- especially used for making dining chairs and outdoor furniture, made of wood and thick plastic fibers, usually through symmetrical weave or diagonal weave.
3D drawing
  • 3D Composites - made for mechanical purposes, especially by the use of carbon materials, polymer matrix and metal composites, with its elements very tightly weaved together.
3D drawing
  • Three Dimensional Art Installations - These art installations are particularly Site - specific in anture and generally used for the purpose of public art ad land art.This art was pioneered by Marcel Duchamp in 20th century.

Some of the best known three dimensional arts installations (3D Drawing) are:

  • The Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, 1917
  • Electronic Superhighway by Nam June Paik, 1995
  • Auto- Fever by Wolf Vostel, 1973
  • Neorizon by Maurice Benayoun , Urban eArts Festival Shanghai, 2008
  • Signatures, by Christian Boltanski, 2011
  • Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama , 2013 and
  • My Inner Beast by Jens Galschiot
3D drawing
Neorizon by Maurice Benayoun , Urban eArts Festival Shanghai,2008
3D drawing
Boltanski,2011 Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama ,2013

3. 3D STREET DRAWING AND PAINTING- 3D street Drawing , also known as 3D street painting , is actually a two dimensional art on the streets and walls of the buildings, that gives an optical illusion 3D effect to the viewers, the painting seems to be real enough to believe, that it is there in real.

This art is very realistic, convincing and captivating, if practiced correctly with all the angles made rightly. 3D street art has nowdays become the most favorite kind of young artists , especially with less resources but the strong desire to exhibit and prove their art in front of others.


4. PRODUCT DESIGNS - Product designing is a very important 3D drawing art, especially for the corporate world.The aesthetics of the product, prove to be the most essential ones to decide and control that what it communicates with the potential as well as current customers.

For this the engineers, first design the product on the computer and then print it in an upward direction through a 3D printer with plastic molecules , finally when the design is satisfactory, it is further evaluated and finalised to be launch in the market.

It is the most effective way of 3D drawing and latest technological use of it.



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