The Vision of True Art

The Vision of True Art

Paintings And Their Connection With Emotional Healing

Paintings And Their Connection With Emotional Healing

Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing, is today not a secret from most of us.Most of our lives we struggle for many things like name, fame , managing personal relationships , gaining success , hiding our weaknesses, impressing others , etc. but in this all our lives becomes completely messed up , full of stress , which sometimes we are not able to share with anyone.

Here comes the healing power of art (especially paintings), do you know that art can be your best friend , if you paint down your emotions on a canvas or a simple sheet by using colors (or any other medium like watercolors, ink, acrylic paint or oil paint) rather than writing them down in your personal diary.

Colors have the magical power that can help you with turning your emotions upside down- SAD to HAPPY, STRESSED to RELIEVED. Hence,Understanding Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing  is the best way help us to understand our emotions and fill our boring moments with colors.Just as,if colors mixed up , makes a new color, similarly if you immerse yourself in paintings down what you feel , you will be able to understand how strong your imagination is, the colors and the beauty in everything nature has made, you will be able to understand your emotions and work on them. And who knows just like this if you become fond of art, you may become the one to paint a MASTERPIECE.

I personally started paintings, to paint down my pain of rejection and painted down my pain through a sad  painting. But as time passed  ,I became so used to and fond of painting that I understood the healing power of it and started trying to imitate the paintings by famous artists. And today, I use my own imagination and emotions to paint down my favorite watercolor and acrylic paintings by understanding the Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing.

Even the biggest artists in world , like Leonid Afremov , Johannes Vermeer and Pablo Picasso have painted down their emotions in their paintings and exhibited them in front of the whole world (which today have become the most admirable ones for all) hence, they profoundly understand the Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing.

Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing
Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing

Famous Quotes On Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing:

  • “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” by Pablo Picasso.
  • “Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body” by Wassily Kandinsky (The Pioneer of Abstract art).
  • “I love making art… It’s largely how I see myself. I’m an artist; therefore I have to make art” by  Chuck Close.
  • “Paintings is just another way of keeping a diary” by Pablo Picasso.
  • “Generally speaking, color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul” by Wassily Kandinsky.



Art therapy , Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing , is a form of psychotherapy technique in which professionals use a creative manner to heal the mental , behavioral and emotional problems of their clients , through various methods like :

  • Paintings (watercolor, acrylic, oil and ink)
  • Drawings
  • making cards (to self and others)
  • calligraphy
  • Sculpting
  • Pottery
  • Forming something with clay
  • making collages , etc.

These methods does not only allows the therapist to understand the real situations,issues and the area of problem of the person but also invokes Self-realization, Self assessment and builds Self -esteem in the individual himself , who opts for this therapy, hence is the most effective way of INTROSPECTION.Through art therapy, even the family, friends,relatives and other associated well wishers of the person learns the area or the reason behind the issues faced by the individual, and can now help him/her to cope up with them.

Art therapy ,pioneered by Adrian Hill in 1942 to recover from tuberculosis,has proven to be the best proof of Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing , as is a very effective way of Communication and Conflicts management within one's life.People sometimes,even take art therapy sessions just for Self Expression and Gain Confidence, to face the problems in daily life.

Many serious health problems are cured due to Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing , for example:

Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing
  • Anxiety - nervousness or uneasiness
  • Depression - low mood or negative thoughts
  • Feeling of loneliness
  • Trauma - any distressing experience
  • Decorating or recycling some old object
  • Learning difficulties (Dyslexia)
  • Anorexia - thinning eating disorder
  • Bulimia - binge eating disorder
  • Family issues - especially with parents
  • Relationship issues - with partner
  • Compassion fatigue - extreme state of tension and stress , etc.
paintings and their connection with emotional healing

After Understanding the importance of healing power of paintings and seeing the numerous positive results of art therapy various schools, colleges, offices, community centers, hospitals, private clinics and rehabilitation centers have made separate new art therapy departments for their members and patients.Various artistic activities like painting on the sand, doing mandala art, making an art journal,drawing a self portrait,painting down your emotions and your dreams, etc are the ways by which the therapists understand the mental status of their clients in such departments, is now made possible.

Mandala Paintings (my personal favorite) is a geometrical form of art, basically in a sacred circular shape , also known as Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI) in scientific terms , symbolizes self-reflection when people are asked to fill it with beautiful patterns and colors which is then assessed by the professionals to under the psychological situation of the individual. This art form originated from Buddhism (the religion by Lord Buddha and a sacred symbol of peace and love) , as a source of healing power of art.

Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing
Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing

Mandala Paintings -  A FUN ACTIVITY


Depression, Anorexia and cancer diagnosis are the major issues , solved by this therapy (justifying the healing power of art).We all know that cancer patients can now survive from the dangerous illness , if they pursue the Strength and the Determination to fight against it, and have heard many brave stories of the same.Hence,Art therapists always conducts studies to fill the cancer patients with HOPE and OPTIMISM, helps them to release stress and forget about the loss due to cancer ,such as the hair loss , which otherwise would have been a major setback for their healing and cure.Problems of depression and anxiety are cured by activities like creating a family sculpture, making a collage or watercolor paintings.

Expressive art therapy or simply Expressive therapy in healing  through paintings, is a parent term used for all forms of creative techniques of healing power of art therapy like:

  • Art therapy (discussed above)
    Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing
    Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing
  • Dance therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Writing therapy
  • Film or Video therapy and
  • Psychodrama (such as role playing)

Hence, It's not only the paintings or the drawings used in healing power of art, that can help you but there are other really effective forms of art too , for example:

  • Applied arts - make something innovative out of waste or decorating daily life objects like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Footwear Designing, Plastic art,etc.
  • Performing arts -Dance , Music, Theater, etc
  • Fine arts - Paintings, Pottery, Sculpture, Sketching, Drawing, Conceptual art, Calligraphy, Photo-shoots, Videos, Film making, etc.
  • Contemporary arts – Sand art, Graffiti, Three Dimensional art , Body art, Pop art, etc.
  • Textile arts -Knitting, Weaving , Bead Work, Embroidery, etc.

“The task of therapy is not to eliminate suffering but to give a voice to it, to find a form in which it can be expressed. Expression is itself transformation; this is the message that art brings. The therapist then would be an artist of the soul, working with sufferers to enable them to find the proper container for their pain, the form in which it would be embodied” by Stephen K. Levine.

“We recognized the role of imagination and ritual that is shared between contemporary psychotherapies and all ancient traditions. It was also evident that the arts are the bridging existential phenomena that unite ritual, imagination and dream-world in a way that no other activity can do” by Paulo Knill.

Anybody, who understands the Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing , can be an art therapist on personal level , but professionally ,you need to have a degree from some renowned college or university ,to practice it on larger scale on others .Hence , Fifteen of the best schools in the world to learn art therapy are :

  • Adler Graduate School , Richfields , United States
  • Concordia University , Canada
  • South western college, California
  • Marylhurst University, Oregon , United States
  • Drexel University , Philadelphia
  • Albertus Magnus College , New Haven , United States
  • Antioch University, Seattle , United States
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College ,United States
  • Seton Hill University  , Greensburg, Pennsylvania
  • Mount Mary University , Wisconsin
  • Southern Illinois University , Illinois, United States
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia, United States
  • Emporia State University, Kansas, United States
  • Marywood University, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Phillips Graduate University, Los Angeles, California


Art and Optimism:

Art and optimism (positive thinking) has a very deep correlation with each other in healing power of art , as art helps us to understand and see the good in bad and distracts our minds from negative thoughts and feelings. Whenever you feel negative vibes around you , just walk off and hold the hand of art to express and communicate with yourself and others, for Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing.

The best thing about Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing , it does not only apply to young or middle aged people; it is method of positive thinking for people of every age group. As a child everyone is creative and sees world as a beautiful and lively place, but as we grow up, we are completely surrounded by the stress, responsibilities, tensions and accountability towards the fast pace life of modern era. Life have now become a blind race, a race towards success, fame and money and in all this we miss back the old days when we used to be kids and complain to others saying,  “I wish, I would have never grown up” or “I wish, I was still a child” but unfortunately it’s not possible - The whole world feels completely traitorous to us.

But stuck in all this messiness , we forget about healing power of art and the that biggest reason behind the happiness in a child's eye - i.e. Art.Children are known to be most creative souls , hence they find a very simple and realistic solutions to every problem, where as an adult , we build a tendency to be very complicated and accept very difficult paths towards problem solving approach. Hence, children are the living example of the best painters - Art enables one to see the bright side in every dark.

At last, don't ignore The Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing, as it can be both poetic  and inspirational in nature and change what you feel about yourself through altering the way you see the world, which will now surely appear to you be more beautiful and worthy.Remember! Art does not promise, that one will not face any problems in life,problems are an integral part to our journey of life but yes, art enables one to cope up with those problems effectively and the reduces the burden of Perfectionism and Stress on the individuals, who believes in it.Now, you will be able to feel positive vibes around you , because you yourself possess them - Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing is proved.


paintings and their connection with emotional healing
paintings and their connection with emotional healing

If you want to get more insights behind Visual arts , please follow the link  on  Vista Artsitica -  and if you want to further understand the relationship between Art and Emotions i.e How art helps you to exhibit your emotions and understand that of others, please go to .

THANK YOU!! (Please comment about your Connection Between Paintings and Emotional Healing experiences and how art enables you to stay relieved and happy, deal with all the daily life problems gracefully)

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